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Mirror Worlds has been selected as part of the BAFTA Rocliffe Forum -
Children's Media Showcase 2016

Following on from the success of being chosen by Philip Shelley to produce a monologue as part of a series of Tributes by up-and-coming writers, Ben is delighted to be chosen as the winner of the BAFTA Rocliffe 2016
Press Release
Ben Weiner - Films and Television
I write for film and tv
I direct short films
Ben was born and brought up in London, but has travelled extensively; living in China, Taiwan, Paris and Edinburgh.

He has worked as a script reader, in development, at various production companies and literary agencies.
Thanks so much for showing interest in Ben's produced work and scripts in development.
Hope you enjoy!
He is always interested in feedback and collaboration so feel free to get in touch via

Despite an early obsession with Superman, Ben started dedicating himself seriously to films when he fell in love with the work of his filmmaking heroes like Ozu, Bergman and  Allen. That's not to say, he doesn't love Zoolander and Harry Potter too.

He has gone on to write and direct a number of short films, which have been exhibited at festivals, including Rocky and Joel, the Superman.

He loves making words come to life and working with a team to get the best out of the material.

The winner of the 2016 BAFTA Rocliffe children's media award, Ben has written a number of shorts, a four-part television drama series and has a drawer full of feature film scripts.

Ben has benefited from training courses at the National Film and Television School and the Script Factory.

He developed a feature as part of the NFTS development diploma.

He loves filling a page with words, making an idea a reality.
Further details about work in development is available on request
Feature film

Felix and Paul, two thirty somethings marooned in adolescence, have to survive in the remote Scottish Highlands with a guide who hates their guts.

Family TV Series

After falling through a gateway between worlds, mother and son team Penny and Albie have to navigate the fantastical Mirror Worlds to get back home.


Details available on request
Pitch Document
Pitch Document
Please contact for further details
Selected films
Joel, the Superman
Made in 2008.

Nine year old, Joel tries an iconic persona to try and survive his difficult family.
Made in 2013.

Distraught at the death of her dog, Joanne calls in the heavy artillery - her beauticians.